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SSH Asia-Pacific Visited PT. Global Intikarya Sejahtera and PT. Bank Jago Tbk. – Copy

SSH Sales Director Asia-Pacific, Mr. Raymond Ma visited Indonesia to introduce solutions by SSH, the company which its founder, Tatu Ylönen, was founded the Secure Shell as an open source protocol back in the summer of 1995. In ASEAN, SSH is represented by DT Asia Pte. Ltd., which headquartered at Singapore, and in Indonesia itself by PT. Mega Cyber Security.

As one of partners of PT. Mega Cyber Security, PT. Global Intikarya Sejahtera was to host the meeting between SSH, DT Asia, PT. Mega Cyber Security and PT. Bank Jago Tbk. 

The meeting is to introduce products of SSH, which are the enterprise version of Open SSH protocol, which is Tectia SSH Client/Server, Privileged Access Management solution by SSH which is PrivX, the Universal SSH Key Manager (UKM), and Deltagon Suite. 

As in early 2023, China has already announced that they have build a quantum computer strong enough to break the RSA encryption within 2 hours, the newest technology should be able to overcome this threat. SSH is one of the leading pioneer to introduce new PQC (Post-Quantum Computing) technology, embedded in their products.  (GIS)

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