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Precision air conditioner (precision cooling) is used to control the temperature and humidity to precision level for mission-critical environments such as data centers, hospitals, laboratories.

The Benefits of using Precision Air Conditioning

Unlike comfort air conditioners, which are designed to cool people, precision air conditioners are designed to cool sensitive IT equipment. The main function of the precision air conditioner is to control the temperature and humidity of the IT room. Because in addition to temperature, excessive humidity can also affect the normal operation of the device. Here some of the benefits of installing a Precision Air Conditioning System:

  • Can be operated continuously 24x7 for 365 days
  • Ensure accurate temperature control in ± 34°F
  • Precise humidity control in ± 5%
  • Demonstrate better air distribution
  • Moves more air volume at higher speeds than standard Air Conditioner's
  • Effective cooling for the proximal and remote devices
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