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We provide a wide-range and innovative series of raise floors to meet different requirements of our customers. We adheres to international standard and holding our products to higher standard.

The Benefits & Considerations for using Raised Floor

Raised floors offer incredible flexibility and convenience. One of the biggest advantages is the ability to run cabling, wiring, air conditioning ducts, and other tubing or pipes in the gap under the panels. Wiring changes, upgrades, and maintenance can be performed without the need of demolition and construction work.

Some benefits of using a raised floor model in the data center include the following:

  • Conserved materials. With a raised floor, a data center doesn't require new walls, rooms or structures to house cooling equipment.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Raised floors cool the data center using a minimal number of fans and other HVAC equipment. They also conserve energy use.
  • Modular design. Raised floor systems can often be easily rearranged. Tiles can be added or removed as required. If servers need to be moved, tiles can be rearranged to accommodate the rerouting of cool air. If a data center requires more fans, cabling can be stored under the floor and fans can be stored overhead, separate from the cabling.
  • Material flexibility. Different types of raised floor tile materials and flooring finishes offer various benefits. Certain materials may prevent magnetic or electrostatic field disruption, as well as providing better traction, safety factors and durability.


The raised floor model was once the standard way to deliver power and provide connectivity in the data center. However, newer design models move cabling overhead into cable trays and use the space beneath the raised floor for water-cooling pipes and airflow for hot and cold aisle cooling systems.

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