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Server Racks by Global Intikarya Sejahtera

It is important when planning your data center build out that you are cost conscious with your initial spend, while also assessing the total cost of ownership. This is why choosing equipment that won’t break the bank but will serve your future requirements is so important. The server racks and network cabinets you select are not an exception, and there are several options when choosing your IT racks. They range from low price, imported racks to standard prepackaged racks that come with standard features, and configurable racks.


Dell NetShelter SX Series

Provide a solid framework for your IT infrastructure with Dell Netshelter SX rack enclosures featuring the next-generation designs of APC™ by Schneider Electric™.

Available in 42U and 24U sizes, Dell Netshelter SX racks are optimized for cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring and offer exceptional usability with integrated features:

  • Toolless cable-access roof: Includes eight large cable-entry slots and integrates with overhead cable trough and partition system
  • Secure side panels: Lockable half-height panels provide security and safe, easy handling
  • Easy-to-adjust mounting rails: Built with a simple turn-bolt design, automatic rail alignment and adjustability in 1/4-inch increments
  • Convenient rear cable channels: Supports toolless mounting for power distribution units (PDU) and toolless vertical mounting for cable organizers

Fujitsu PRIMECENTER Rack Family

For platforms, switches and workstations that are ready to go and expandable. Create innovative and convenient space-saving solutions with 16 to 42 unit racks and compatible data center accessories. Fujitsu has therefore had optimal rack systems in its product portfolio for decades now, and in addition to servers has also had the associated storage subsystems, uninterruptible power supplies and other accessories such as rack management components, console switches and systems for mounting tape drives PRIMECENTER M1 Racks ensure optimal and reliable installation of 19″ rack components and high passive throughput in ventilation thanks to optimized cable routing and a new door design.

The Fujitsu PRIMECENTER M2 rack generation provides an improved rack structure and rich feature set with three different sized rack models. Within the announcement of the M2 rack generation, Fujitsu provides new rack accessories. Especially new Power Distribution Units with measurement features and remote management. They provide a more convenient administration of the electricity infrastructure. Overall a broader offering of rack infrastructure components e.g. cable routing options and also components outside the rack like electronic locks and sensors will be available.

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