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Nittoh CrushBox DB-60PRO-E

Since “deleted” data is still there, how can you be sure that your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands when you get rid of old equipment? The only way to be sure is to physically destroy the drive itself. It might sound drastic, but the risks of data breaches is much greater.

Nittoh CrushBox DB-60PRO-E

Hard Drive Destroyer for Professional Use

The safest and surest way to sanitize a hard drive is to physically destroy it. This is an attractive option if the drive is to be discarded anyway and not reused. One common method is shred or drill four holes through the entire drive. Another approach is to pry the platters apart to the extent that each platter is sufficiently warped or distorted to make it inoperable. It can also be taken to a professional for destruction. Some consumer electronics stores will do this as a courtesy for individual customers worried about what will happen to their old hard drive.


  • Destruction Method: Automated Pressure
  • Application of pressure: 6 ton
  • Operation System: 4 Holes through the Platters
  • MAX # of Continuous Operations: 200 units
  • MAX # of Operations per day: 500 units

Media and maximum numbers that can be processed

  • 3.5-inch hard disk (thickness of 1.6 inches = 41 mm or less): 1 unit
  • 2.5-inch hard disk: 1 unit
  • 5-inch MO caddy (cartridge): 1 piece
  • DVD caddy (cartridge): up to 2 pieces
  • Bare CD/DVD: up to 5 pieces
  • 5-inch MO disk: up to 2 pieces
  • 3.5-inch MO disk: up to 2 pieces
  • 3.5-inch floppy disk: up to 5 pieces
  • Zip disk: up to 2 pieces
  • Cell-phone: up to 2 units
  • 1-inch hard disk (optional): up to 4 units
  • 1.8-inch hard disk (optional): up to 2 units

Technical Specifications:

Nittoh CrushBox DB-60PRO-E

Ambient Operating Temperature :

5 - 40°C

Relative Humidity :

Maximum 80%

Altitude :

Up to 2,000 mdpl

Temperature at transportation and storage :

-25 ~ 55 °C

Electrical Rating :

AC 200V ~ AC 240V; 50/60Hz; 5A

Directives :

Low Voltage Directive, 2006/95/EC | EMC Directive 2004/108/EC

Dimension ( L x W x H ) :

460mm x 220mm x 380mm

Packaging :

UT-1 / 520mm x 380mm x 640mm / 45kg

Voltage Fluctuating :

- 10% ~ + 10%

Overvoltage Category II :

According to IEC60664-1

Pollution Degree II :

According to IEC60664-1

Equipment Weight :

37 kg

Acoustic Noise :

76dB(A) at no load

Cycle Time :

10 - 15 seconds


50,000 cycles

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