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Leaks of confidential information are one of the biggest risks corporations face when scrapping PCs or returning them to a leasing company. Our degaussers completely erases digital data on all functional or non-functional magnetic media including PMR/LMR hard disk drive and reel/cartridge tapes regardless of data capacity or interface type.

Media Degausser

The ideal solution for wiping large numbers of hard drives and magnetic storage media. We provide world-class magnetic field generation to completely erase the contents of magnetic media in an instant. All of our products are capable of erasing data from perpendicular magnetic recording hard drives. 

Proton® 1100™ Degaussing Wand

Proton® T-1™
Hard Drive Degausser

Proton® T-1.5™
Hard Drive Degausser

Proton® T-4™
Hard Drive Degausser

Proton® T-5™
Hard Drive Degausser

MagWiper MW-1B
NSA Listed Degausser

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