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MEGA-1000 Universal Media Shredder

MEGA-1000 Hard disk shredder, suitable for Server HDD, 3.5" & 2.5" HDD and LOT tape destruction, working capacity 60 pcs HDD per hour. With two sets different thickness blade construction to satisfied with different material shredding standard, final particle for 20mm*random ,satisfied with DIN 66399 H4 standard, MEGA-1000 contain feeding indicator, heavy duty two shaft shredding system with durable blade, planetary gear box drive system and smart control PLC system to process strong and powerful shredding power.

MEGA-1000 Universal Storage Media Shredder

Office Use e-Waste Hard Drive Shredder


  • Combo blades with 20mm thickness blade to meet any shredding result for HDD and SSD.
  • Specifically designed for office environments.
  • Solid hardened steel blade it is able to shred the hard drive and its internal components including the data disk.
  • Simply pushing a button.
  • Compliance with safety requirements of CE .
  • Security swich , auto reverse and cut-off to avoid shredding jam, bin-full auto sensor, cabinet door open/ closed sensor and dust proof close housing.

Technical Specifications:

MEGA-1000 Storage Media Shredder

Media Accepted :

Hard Disk / Solid State Drive / CD / Floppy / Mobile Phone

Security Level (DIN 66399) :

O-1, T-1, E-3, H-4

Blade Thickness :

20mm or customized

No. of Blades :


Shredded Particles :

20mm x random

Throughput :

> 60 pcs 3.5" HDD / hour

Feeding Conveyor ( L x W x H ) :

230mm x 115mm x 70mm

Electrical :

1-phase: 230V/50Hz

3-phase: 380V/0.75KW

Dimension ( L x W x H ) :

1,044mm x 620mm 1,000mm

Weight :

460 kg

Certifications :

CE optional

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