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MEGA-MXS-200 Solid State Sredder

MEGA-MXS-200 make destroying your old SSD, memory chips,CDs, mobile pone, and credit cards easy. Of course, with the extra shredding power under the hood, the MEGA-MXS-200 also do a fantastic job of shredding your sensitive papers and documents. Like a paper shredder, a SSD/Mobile phone shredder for shredding to 2x2mm to 4x4mm particle size is extremely easy to use. Simply turn the power on and guide the materials into the machine.

MEGA-MXS-200 Solid State Shredder

High Security SSD and Mobile Phone Shredder


  • Specifically designed for shred SSD /mobile phone /chips/USB drive
  • Solid hardened steel knife it is able to shred the hard drive and its internal components including the data disk.
  • Simply pushing a button.
  • Compliance with safety requirements of CE.
  • Security switch, auto reverse and cut-off to avoid shredding jam, bin-full auto sensor, cabinet door open/closed sensor and dust proof closed housing.

Technical Specifications:

MEGA-MXS-200 Solid State Shredder

Media Accepted :

Solid State Drive / CD / Chips / Mobile Phone

Security Level (DIN 66399) :

E4 - E5

Blade Thickness :

2mm to 4mm with two steps shredders

Shredded Particles :

2 x 2mm to 4 x 4mm (customizable)

Throughput :

> 300 pcs / hour

Feeding Port ( L x W ) :

120mm x 30mm

Electrical :

230V / 50Hz / 1.5kW

Dimension ( L x W x H ) :

743mm x 630mm 1,184mm

Weight :

330 kg

Certifications :

CE optional

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