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Load banks are used throughout commissioning, maintenance, expansion and component replacement of most modern data centers. Load testing in the commissioning phase will ensure any faulty electrical components or systems fail and are replaced accordingly before going ‘live’.

The Importance of Load Bank

Load banks are an important asset for any industry to have because they ensure the proper running of equipment in the event of power outages. Specifically, a Load Bank Hire can create a load similar to daily use and test a power source for running efficiency. By imitating the original load, there is no chance of random or unpredictable current. Load banks are a contained system unit that integrates both controls and accessories into one installed location. The power source will supply the power, but the load bank uses this energy to protect and support the power source as well as test it.

We supply any power requirements you need

Our load banks comes with high capacity of load banks for both AC and DC applications. We offers to provide one-stop solution for Data Centre solutions, from power and energy generating to testing solution.

Our Load Bank has meet the ISO9001 standards, which makes it suitable for all kind of industrial needs, such as data centers.

We also provide tailor-made testing solution for your special requirement, from standard size resistive and reactive load banks, to custom-designed and built load banks of any sizes at any voltages and frequencies.

Resistive Load Banks

Resistive/Reactive Load Banks

High Voltage Load Banks

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