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SSH Secure Shell Protocol & PrivX Hybrid PAM Solution

The Secure Shell Protocol (SSH) is a cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network. Its most notable applications are remote login and command-line execution. SSH was first designed in 1995 by Finnish computer scientist Tatu Ylönen. Subsequent development of the protocol suite proceeded in several developer groups, producing several variants of implementation. The protocol specification distinguishes two major versions, referred to as SSH-1 and SSH-2. The most commonly implemented software stack is OpenSSH, released in 1999 as open-source software by the OpenBSD developers. Implementations are distributed for all types of operating systems in common use, including embedded systems.

For commercial applications of SSH, the company had developed Tectia. It enabled secure high-speed file transfer and remote access, and quickly became the established market leader for enterprise SSH that it still is today, after 25 years of its first implementations.

Tectia technology provides maximum security for your data in transit with industry-leading reliability, efficiency, and speed. Available as Quantum-Safe, Zero Trust, or z/OS edition.

PrivX stands apart from traditional privileged access management (PAM) tools by delivering a lean, cost effective solution. Compared to legacy PAMs, PrivX helps you to: Cut the costs of password lifecycle management and vaulting by granting short-lived authentication to users only when they need it. Economize on deployment and maintenance efforts by avoiding the use of agents on your client workstations and hosts.

PrivX makes PAM easy, productive, and secure while decreasing complexity and costs.

PrivX reduces the risk of passwords, keys, and other leave-behind credentials by eliminating them right after access authentication.

Instead, it uses short-lived, ephemeral certificates. Your privileged users and superusers get just-in-time, role-based Zero Trust access without the need to handle, vault, manage or rotate any secrets.

PrivX also supports hybrid environments with a secrets vault and password rotation when necessary. It even allows you to make quantum-safe SSH connections.

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