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New effortless, painless and keyless access

Secure your business with a proven Zero Trust key(less) management solution. Discover and manage all your SSH keys and account to mitigate risks. Reduce complexity with automation features. Migrate to keyless SSH access and never fail an IT audit again due to unmanaged SSH keys.

Control and mitigate SSH key risks

Universal SSH Key Management® (UKM) is a Zero Trust SSH key management solution that automates governing of SSH keys according to compliance and security standards.

UKM mitigates risks, reduces key management complexity, and helps pass IT audits.

Find the best SSH key management approach for your organization

Learn about the 9 most common approaches to SSH key management & find the best fit for your organization.

Download the SSH Key Management Compass


Assess your risks, discover all SSH access (automated and interactive) across your IT infrastructure, and identify all policy-violating encryption keys.



Implement systematic monitoring and control of your environment via centralized SSH key management. Remove encryption keys that are uncompliant, unmanaged, or bypassing your controls.



Automate the full lifecycle of SSH cryptographic keys and simplify the effort of staying compliant. Ensure all your sessions are audited, logged, and tracked.


Zero Trust

Radically reduce the overhead of managing permanent SSH keys and move to keyless, just-in-time Zero Trust access> with short-lived certificates.

Compare the different UKM editions

Choose the best fitting UKM edition to manage your SSH keys.

Comply & Automate
User Interface authentication with Windows AD, LDAP, SAMLv2
High availability
User account inventory
SSH Key inventory
Trust relationship mapping
SSH key usage
SSH access discovery (password/key/certificate)
Compliance validation: NIST, HIPAA,PCI-DSS, etc.
Compliance reporting
User key management: removal, rotation, provisioning, hardening
Elimination of self-provisioning SSH keys
Application-based visibility and control of user keys
Hostkey rotation and distribution
SSH client/server configuration management
Rest APIs
GUI automation flows
SSH access with Keyless, Certificate-based JIT authentication
SSH access with AD, OpenIDC, or LDAP authentication
SSH access with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Virus scanning and file validation on file transfers
Centralized SSH connection control
SSH session recording
SSH auditing with SIEM integration
SSH sub-protocol control, e.g. allow/deny SFTP/x11-forwarding
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